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Karl Schiske was born in Raab/Györ in 1916, then still part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, and already proved his talent at the age of three. The few existing, private documents state, "At the age of three, I already played the "Schnitzel Polka", taught by dad, on our family's Schmetterer piano to the astonishment of the audience" (quoted from "Karl Schiske", Karl Heinz Roschitz, Verlag Elisabeth Lafite, Vienna, 1970; p 7).
In 1922, at the age of six, he and his parents - his father was an inventor and mechanical engineer - moved to Orth an der Donau. Schiske inherited his father's affinity for technology and so he also studied physics, in addition to his piano and composition studies at the University of Music in Vienna. From 1939 onwards - still during his studies - the City Orchestra of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra and the Steinbauer Quartet already started to perform his early compositions at the Vienna Musikverein and the Konzerthaus. In 1943, just after he finished his thesis about the use of dissonances in Bruckner's symphonies, he was drafted by the German Wehrmacht. Even at that time he never stopped composing music. He dedicated his probably most important piece, the oratorio "Vom Tode" to his brother Hubert, who was killed in combat near Riga in 1944.
Schiske's most creative period began after 1945. He lived as a freelance composer in Styria, only interrupted by short stays in Vienna and Orth and gave private music lessons until he was assigned the post of teacher for composition at the University of Music in Vienna in 1952. In August 1954, he married Berta Baumhackl, with whom he had four children. In 1962 he was named senior university professor.
His works were awarded several prizes, among them the Grand State Prize of the Republic of Austria. As a teacher he provided such known composers as Erich Urbanner, Ivan Eröd, Gösta Neuwirth, Kurt Schwertsik, Otto Zykan, Charles Boone, Luca Lombardi and many more, with their compositional ammunition and equipment. On 16 June 1969, Karl Schiske died at the age of 53, following a brain haemorrhage.

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