Welcome to micatonal - the internet radio station for contemporary music from Austria,
presented by mica - music austria


This service is currently inoperative.
a relaunch is in the planing.


micatonal presents Austrian contemporary music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a focus on contemporary and experimental music from Austria, as well as neighboring genres such as pop, world, jazz, and electronic music.



micatonal broadcasts 5 special programs produced by the micatonal team and 2 shows presented by independent Austrian radio broadcasters.

Mo, Tu, Th, Fr: 6:00-8:00 PM
We: 6:00-9:00 PM
Sa, Su: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


micatonal is available at http://db.musicaustria.at/micatonal. The micatonal stream can also be played on any mobile device (instructions) or easily integrated to any website via an embed code. micatonal is available free of charge, as are all services by mica – music austria.




Very few broadcasts feature contemporary music, not to mention contemporary music from Austria. Generating interest for the diversity of this genre and providing an outlet is at the heart of micatonal’s programming.


A unique feature of micatonal is the integration of the broadcasts with the mica – music database, which is the largest database of contemporary Austrian music available. Almost every track is linked to the corresponding entry in the database, where interested listeners can search through a host of information on the composition, performers, composers, instrumentation, etc. With over 42,000 compositions in the directory, the mica – music database is the most important international source of comprehensive information on Austrian-based composers, performers and ensembles.




Migration im Ton
Migration in sound.
The program takes a closer look at compositions by Austrian-based music creators with a migrant background (or vice versa, works by Austrians living abroad)


Bundesländer Spezial
Music from Austrian provinces.
A focus on works by composers from specific Austrian provinces.


micatonal Portraits
micatonal composer portraits.
A presentation of individual composers and their works.


Exploring the margins of contemporary music and jazz, world, electronic, pop.


Doris Weberberger and Susanne Amann, the two comtemporary music experts at mica – music austria, curate a personal selection of music.


Composer portraits produced by the composer and musician Wolfgang Seierl for the Austrian National Public Radio Ö1 show “Zeit-Ton”.




Atelier für Neue Musik
For many years the “Trans Art” artist Astrid Rieder has been hosting her annual studio concert event “Atelierkonzert für Neue Musik” in the Great Hall of the Künstlerhaus Salzburg. Once a month she talks about this event in her program, plays music examples and invites contributors of these concerts to her show.


Kofomi – Komponistenforum Mittersill
The Kofomi network for exchange, information and communication is a driving force in the contemporary Austrian music scene. The programs conceptualized and hosted by Wolfgang Seierl present contemporary experimental music, introduce composers and musicians and discuss current issues of the music scene.





Susanne Amann: Project Management
Doris Weberberger: Concept, Editor
Ines Fernau: Concept, Jingle- and Broadcast Producer
Christina Kramer: Jingle Production, Music Digitizing
Dorothea Grabner: Music Digitizing
Alexander Ivan : Technical Supervision





Copy & paste this code in the source code of your website to integrate the micatonal player.

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<iframe src="http://www.closer2sound.com/radio/index.htm" width="190" height="125" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>






1. Download the free “VLC Player” from your app store (iOS, Android)
2. Open the menu item “Open Network Stream”
3. Enter the following URL: http://airtime.closer2sound.com:8000/airtime_128.mp3
4. Open network stream – the VLC player will remember the entered streams. You can reopen these at any given time.