Music for a while
für Ensemble
Composer: Jarrell Michael
Year of Origin: 1995
Year of Adaption: 1996
Duration: 19m

Music for a while - für Ensemble

Instrumentation Details

Orchestral Code:  1/0/1, KbKlar/0, ASax, SSax, BarSax - 1/1/1/0 - 2 Perk, Pf - 1/1/1/1/1


Type of Publication:  Publisher
Publisher:  Editions Henry Lemoine


Title:  Music for a While
Label:  aeon
Performer:  Pomàrico Emilio
Band/Ensemble:  Klangforum Wien


Additional Information

different duration at Edition Lemoine: 16'


Year:  1995
Date:  25. September 1995
Performer:  Foster Marc
Band/Ensemble:  Klangforum Wien

Location of the Premiere: Abbey Royaumont
Further Information: world-premiere of the revised version on 30.09.1996 (Abbey Royaumont, Klangforum/Mark Foster)