Mund Art Madrigal
Composer: Keil Friedrich
Year of Origin: 1994
Duration: ~ 12m

Mund Art Madrigal

Instrumentation Details


Type of Publication:  Manuscript


Title:  in futura minima
Label:  Thig Le



Ensemble Melo X


Location:  Vienna
Band/Ensemble:  Ensemble Melo X

Location of the Premiere: Ottakringer Brauerei
Further Information: within the framework of the inter-disciplinary performance "Weltbildgeschichten"

Description of Style

“The integration of diverse (not only) musical parameters were an important aspect in the composition of this piece: 

  • a gliding constantly moving - blurred iridescent - microtonal harmonic (created on the one hand with multi phonics on the instrument and on the other through harmonising on the electronic devices) 
  • Freedom of interpretation or improvisation within a well planned (almost serially calculated) compositional structure
  • individual priorities of the instrumentalists don't contradict the total plan of the work, indeed they clarify and support it
  • the gestures of the instruments find their equivalence, continuation and supplementation (and sometimes also the relativisation) with real time electronics (for example sound envelops, delay, freezing, harmoniser, sampler…)”

Friedrich Keil