Der Vergänglichkeit ein Denkmal setzen
Composer: Keil Friedrich
Year of Origin: 1987
Duration: 10m

Der Vergänglichkeit ein Denkmal setzen

Instrumentation Details

piano (1), violin (1)


Type of Publication:  Manuscript


Performer:  Staar René

second interpreter: Ferndandez Marialena

Description of Style

"The work is a process of establishing contact between two - for me - polar opposites of creative thinking:

  • The logic of the ear - freely designed voice leading of the violin
  • The logic of reason - a compostional technique for the piano designed based on a series of standpoints

The final Tango as a synthesis and attempt to portrait the all-unity of the human (and their past creations) in all of their threatening foreignness and beauty."


Friedrich Keil

Performed Composition of (Person)