Aber in der Mitte der Himmel der Gesänge
Composer: Klement Katharina
Year of Origin: 2005
Duration: 15m
Difficulty Level: 5

Aber in der Mitte der Himmel der Gesänge

Instrumentation Details

Solo: bassoon (1)


Type of Publication:  Manuscript



Buschek Robert


Location:  Alte Schmiede Wien
Year:  2005
Date:  8. April 2005

Description of Style

The title derives from a poem of Friedrich Höderlin.In this title two times a genetive ("but in the middle of heavens of songs")is included which points out the compositional method.Formal parts are divided several times, small cells with inclusions emerge. The pattern A-B-A is chained. The instrument is explored with many differnet playing techniques.