for 2 bassoon
Composer: Resch Gerald
Year of Origin: 2004
Duration: 8m

Nebeneinanderlinien - for 2 bassoon

Instrumentation Details

bassoon (2)


1. Band
2. Ohne Rohr
3. Feld
4. Treppen




"Nebeneinanderlinien" was developed with the encouragement of Barbara Loewe and her project "New Music for Young Basoonists" with support from the SKE-Fonds and the city of Linz.

Additional Information

according to Doblinger length: 7' (2003)


Date:  17. June 2004

Performer: Bettina Schlichter, Marlene Pichler

Description of Style

Both instruments follow a uniform gesture, speak the same language, use the same musical material. But it was the small deviations - for example, that even the same tone on two bassoons sounds slightly different - which interested me. Each of the four pieces tries, with a very clearly defined repertoir of motives, to weave themes together across the "Canvas of Time". I did not want to use unusual playing techniques (glissandi, playing without a tube, multiphonics, quasi-pizzicato articulation, etc.) as an end unto themselves, but rather as a self-contained musical-gestural quality.


Gerald Resch (Stand Jänner 2007)