Composer: Wozny Joanna
Year of Origin: 2006
Duration: 11m


Instrumentation Details

Solo: saxophone (1)

flute (2), oboe (1), clarinet (1), bass clarinet (1), horn (2), drums (2), harp (1), violin (2), viola (1), violoncello (1), double bass (1)


Title:  Return (Saxophon und Ensemble)
Type of Publication:  Publisher
Publisher:  Edition Juliane Klein




Additional Information

In my works the compositional process is strictly connected with the instruments and their sound possibilities. Instrumental sounds and their combinations usually constitute the points of departure for a composition which is created in the process of their arrangement (in terms of harmony, rhythm and instrumentation). The above-mentioned sound constellations are given the possibility for development or self-reflection. By giving my work the title "Return" I want to highlight the role of repetition in music, and the phenomenon of repetition itself, which is employed very frequently in music. I have in mind repetition in various forms, from repeating brief musical sections or sound inflections to the repetition of formal units (as for example in the sonata allegro). Repetitions can occur directly one after the other or be interspersed with other musical material.
In "Return" the repetitions are neither too evident nor precisely located. The composition uses rather variants, sound variations. As the title suggests, we are faced here with the situation of a return, which means that the musical material, after its temporary absence (or perhaps only after its transformation?) is constituted anew.


(Joanna Wozny)


Organiser:  Warsaw Autumn
Year:  2006

Location of the Premiere: Witold Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert Studio
Performers: Sascha Armbruster (sax), Rüdiger Bohn (cond)
Ensemble/Band: Polish-German Youth Ensemble

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