kahles Astwerk
Composer: Wozny Joanna
Year of Origin: 2007 - 2008
Duration: 7m
Difficulty Level: 4

kahles Astwerk

Instrumentation Details

vocals (1), flute (1), violin (1), violoncello (1)


Title:  kahles Astwerk
Type of Publication:  Publisher
Publisher:  Edition Juliane Klein

Additional Information

In this haiku setting (the title of which translates to English as "bare branches"), the singing voice is employed mainly for its sonority. The haiku text, which serves this piece primarily as a motto, appears only in an implied manner and occasionally (usually spoken). This treatment of the text is meant as an extension of the way in which haikus distil words to their essence.


(Joanna Wozny)


Location:  Minoritensaal Graz
Year:  2008
Performer:  Lacroix Sylvie
Band/Ensemble:  Trio Eis

Other Performers: Pirijo Kalinowska (vocals)

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