Astoria Lounge
Opus Number: opus 71
Composer: Hertel Paul
Year of Origin: 2000
Duration: 9m 25s

Astoria Lounge

Instrumentation Details

piano (1), violin (1)


Four salon-pieces for violin and piano as well as an epilogue
Salonstück 1 (02'14''), Salonstück 2 (02'31''), Salonstück 3 (01'50''), Salonstück 4 (02'49''), Epilogue (46'')


Type of Publication:  Manuscript

Additional Information

Was it really a good idea of the hotel manager to let two emigrants play for the 5 o'clock tea in the lounge of the Hotel Astoria? A lot of muscial history was worked though. Physically and with a sentimental soul. Long forgotten memories come to the surface and need to be dealt with. Concentrated energy comes to the surface. A few people in the Astoria lounge lost dropped their teacups. Some out of shock, others out of excitement, and a few for both reasons simultaneously.


Location:  Vienna
Performer:  Saeki Maki, Lehmann Ute

Further Information: premiere at the house of the composer

Description of Style

contemporary salon-music