von Both Sybille

General Information

Date of Birth:  9. February 1973
Country of Birth: 


The first of two emphases in her work lies in establishing and reinforcing church music activities in protestant congregations by founding children's and youth choirs, as well as gospel choirs and overall church choirs. Her second emphasis is on continuing education of musicians who do church music as a second job (including choir direction, singing and organ). Her third focus is on supra-regional work: this effort includes choir days for all the protestant choirs of Lower Austria, as well as a special youth choir day. In doing so, the intent is also to reinforce relationships between the individual choirs.



PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

protestant church music (main-subjects: organ, singing and choir-conducting)


1995 - 2007

organist for the Lutheran chapel of the General Hospital Vienna

2000 - 2015

leader of the Choir of Erste Bank


ever since Diocesan Cantor for the Lutheran Church of Lower Austria

member since her study-times

teacher of the subjects church hymns and liturgy