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Mayer Peter

General Information

Year of Birth:  1986
Date of Birth:  20. January 1986
Place of Birth:  Ried/Innkreis
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Peter Mayer is a composer and guitarist. His pieces combine many ways of artistic expression: Sonic, spatial, visual and physical elements are merged in a compositional manner to  become a multidimensional experience. Peter Mayer is interested in the concept of time and consequently in the psyche of the audience. Mayer knows no style constraints when it comes to tonality and rythm. In his compositions both, sounds as well as very harmonious passages can be found. Rhythmically, he makes use of a free, gesticulating language, of groove, of odd time signatures, and various improvisational frames. He collages traditional narrative elements in his compositions with passages which question the passing of time. In this way, he challenges the audience always with his pespectives of changing conceptions.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
2003 - 2005

studies (Klaus Kogler)

2003 - 2005


2005 - 2007

Hochschule Carl Maria von Weber: guitar (world music) (Thomas Fellow, Stephan Bormann)

2007 - 2009

California Institute of the Arts: composition (Ann LeBaron, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Art Jarvinin, Miroslav Tadic)



duo together with Fabian Rucker (saxophone)

duo together with Srdjan Grujicic (guitar)

Discography, Projects


  • 2017: In the Wheel (together with MickyLee)
  • 2015: Prinz Rosa -Weihnachtsgefühl
  • 2013: Prinz Rosa - Debüt CD
  • 2012: Home (Umtrieb Records)
  • 2007: Freakpop (Acoustic Music Records)

Band/Ensemble Member of

Band/Ensemble Member of: