Irmie Vesselsky
Instrument: vocals, piano

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Vesselsky Irmie

General Information

Year of Birth:  1984
Region of Birth: 


The composer preferably writes her soulful lyrics at home in Lower Austria. When having a good idea, it might happen that she suddenly leaves Vienna in the middle of the night to further develop her thoughts sitting at her grand piano in her home in Lower Austria. As a child she has been taping her first songs by using a cassette recorder - later, she rediscovered this love for experimentation. She largely taught herself to play the piano, because their teachers regularly went desperate because of her idiosyncratic interpretation of classical pieces. She wrote her first song at the age of 15, being then a kind of "self-therapy" and not meant for the public. "The only one allowed to hear this and who stayed for hours with me was my cat. She was the best critic!"


Aged 18, she climbed the stage by chance and started to like it. At first she was hiding behind coversongs, but soon developed her own style. Since 2006, she is now traveling solo, with her own compositions, as she notes, "she has a lot to say on her own".
"Crises? Bring them on! Crises are the source of my creativity - crises, this means new shoes and lots of new songs!"



first concert tour in Austria (e.g. Wiener Festwochen)


cooperation with the exceptional artist


various concerts with Mondscheiner, William Fitzsimmons, Sophie Hunger, Boy Omega


release of first album "Parentheses of Antitheses"


promotion tour around Austria (Jazzfest Wien, Haus der Musik) and Budapest


radio-Airplays at FM4, Ö1, 88.6 in regular intervalls


release "Taking Stock" by Phil da Funk


start of recording of second album

Performances (Selection)


support for Sophie Hunger


live with the Thomas-Ramsl-Orchestra


Irmie Vesselsky & Band



PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

winner of the "Award4You", awarded by Kremser Bank


winner of the "She Rocks Contest"

Description of Style

Irmie Vesselsky - "Parentheses Of Antitheses" (Pandora or The Unbending Dualism In Me)
Quiet reservation at first, then followed by a powerful intensity - emotions crowd together on Irmie Vesselsky's debut album. With the power of her voice and magical piano melodies, the Lower Austrian singer/songwriter presents 12 touching songs about her life.
Irmie Vesselsky's music is full of variety, melancholy and execution. The contradictions are what strike a chord as well as the 27-year-old's apparent ease in recounting them. "It's a story of adornment, a story of bewilderment," she laments on her opener "The Knife" to then follow with the intoxicating and optimistic "World Without Fence", which gives in to the dream of freedom. Through the emotional highs and lows of life, Vesselsky takes the listener on a wild and passionate, and then gentle and fragile journey. Images full of feeling are created like the memorable melodies, which seem to have been appeared out of nothing.
Reduced but intense passages mark "Parentheses Of Antitheses" for example the sad "Scorpio's Kiss", where music and voice disperse harmonically. This is a game that Vesselsky masters quite well: as if voice and piano were dancing only to lose touch and then in complete joy find their way back to each other once again. Violin passages are mixed into this dance again and again - understated but effective. This album should be enjoyed with an open heart for "Beauty is a rare thing!"


Ornette Coleman (2011)

Press Reviews

9. January 2010

Damn, at the end of last year there has a real pearl got caught in my net ! Greatest song-interpretation , a woman, a piano, a voice, that hits you in the heart - songs full of melancholy and almost physically tangible beauty. Does it take anything else? Sir Tralala's violin being the icing on the cake.

Kurier Freizeit (Andreas Russ) 



Sensitive, striking and without doubt original!

Concerto (leiss)

Those who like the music of Kate Bush will also love "Parentheses Of Antitheses"!

(Manfred Horak)


11. November 2009

A wonderful surprise: The best Tori-Amos-album for years was not made by Tori Amos, but is coming from a young singer/songwriter from Lower Austria.

Falter (Gerhard Stöger)


11. November 2009

Here nobody gets fooled with sentimentalism, and there is also not play with feelings, but here deeply personal emotional worlds get spread. The voice reaches out to the limits of perception, yet at all fragility of the songs remains always stable, powerfully intense. "Parentheses of Antitheses" is an album like breathing air.
One should perhaps highlighting the songs "Run" and "The Night" as the spearhead of all the discovery worthy songs on this debut album which can almost be described as being sensational. Attention should be paid to Vesselsky's texts, because the Lower Austrian can tell stories and she very well knows about the potency the first lines of a text can have. [...]

Kulturwoche (Manfred Horak)

Discography, Projects


  • 2013: The Key - The Wisdom of Dorothy Gale or: How To Tame Your Inner Demons
  • 2009: Parentheses of Antitheses - Pandora or The Unbending Dualism In Me (11/2009, CrackedAnegg Records)

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