Martin Mallaun
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Instrument: zither

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Mallaun Martin

General Information

Year of Birth:  1975
Place of Birth:  Kitzbühel
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Martin Mallaun is continually in search of new tonal and stylistic forms of expression for the zither. This quest has led him into such different areas as contemporary music, Baroque lute music, free improvisation and traditional Alpine music. In addition to cooperating with various musicians, actors and writers, he has initiated countless projects of his own (amongst others with the zither trio GREIFER; a long-time collaboration with the violinist Barbara Lüneberg; the improvisation trio "tricky bridges"; "Die Landlust!"). Aside from this, Mallaun has been engaged as a soloist with the National Royal Scottish Orchestra, with the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire and with the Orchestre de Picardie. Many world premieres (compositions by Georg Friedrich Haas, Burkhard Stangl, Manuela Kerer, Burkhard Friedrich, Franz Hautzinger, Manuel de Roo and others) illustrate his commitment to New Music.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

botanical studies

workshops in the field of historical performance practice and contemporary music/improvisation

private studies



Participation in numerous projects of contemporary works: amongst others the opera „Thomas“(G. F. Haas SWR-Festspiele 2013),  „imaginary folksongs“ (Burkhard Stangl, „glatt&verkehrt“ 2012), the opera „NEDA“ (Alexander Strauch, Münchener Biennale 2012), and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra.

solo concertos

numerous individual projects (including "... oh süßliebstes ferslein" with the actor Klaus Ortner and the improvising trio "tricky bridges", the long-standing collaboration with tenor John Puchleitner, "Kleitschophones", "Senkblei", "Klangfarben")

freelance musician

engagements as a soloist with the National Royal Scottish Orchestra, the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire, the Orchestre de Picardie and the Lower Austrian Tonkünstler Orchestra.

Organisation of readings with Chritoph Ransmayr, Friedrich Achleitner, Alfred Komarek, Hermann Beil and others

music teacher

Performances (Selection)


numerous world premieres (compositions from Manuela Kerer, Max Nagl, Harald Oberlechner, Helga Pogatschar, Manuel de Roo, Ralph Schutti, Rudi Spring and Robert Zollitsch)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

1st Volkmann-Prize: award winner


International Competition for Zither: award winner


Pasticcio-Prize for his solo debut "zwischen steinen"


International Competition for Zither: jury member

Discography, Projects


  • 2016: Objets Trouvés (CD; Genuin)
  • 2014: Ruderals - Martin Mallaun und Karlheinz Esssl* (CD; Nachtstück Records)
  • 2012: GREIFER - neue Musik für drei Zithern (CD)
  • 2010: OMONÉRO - Neue Musik für Zither (CD)
  • 2005: zwischen steinen - Lautenmusik des deutschen Barock und zeitgenössische Musik für Zither (CD)

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