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Year of Foundation:  2004


Klang21 - an association for the support of contemporary music and performing arts, was founded in 2004 as a collective of young artists from both genres. Since then a constantly changing lineup has continuously explored the possibilities and conditions for contemporary musical theatre. In the focal point of their confrontation with opera - a genre that has repeatedly been declared old fashioned but continues to re-invent itself - is the interface between language and song in scenic space.


Since 2005 the group has regularly provided new impulses for musical theatre events and, in cooperation with various partners in Salzburg, produced their own projects. The close cooperation between composers, librettists, and director as well as the combination of diverse aesthetic standpoints has had a massive influence on the process of development and premiere of their roughly 30 productions. 

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Contact Person:  Marchand Jean-Baptiste
Website:  Homepage Klang21