Aber das Leben lebt
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Aber das Leben lebt

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1997


Aber das Leben lebt was founded in 1997 by Jürgen Hofbauer, Wolfgang Wiesbauer and Florian Emerstorfer in the province of Lower Austria. Shortly after recording their first demo cassette, Austrian radio legend Fritz Ostermayer (FM4) invited them to an interview session and introduced the band to the key figures of Vienna's alternative music scene.


In 1999 they released their debut on the snippy indie label Höllering. A year later the album "Sorrow Beat" came out on the well established Viennese label Trost and helped the band to gain an intensified airplay on several radio stations. With their 2004 release "Perfect Teen" first steps to neighbouring countries were made followed by intense touring.
The same year Wolfgang Wiesbauer's brother Martin joined the band while Hofbauer left to focus on his solo material. After a period of restructuring Aber das Leben lebt self-published the critically acclaimed album "Hospital Years" and was nominated for the Austrian alternative music award Amadeus in 2009. Collaboration works and tours with indietronic musician Bernhard Fleischmann or the politically inspired chanteuse Gustav (release of a split-7") followed.


In 2010 Ralph Wakolbinger joined the band.

Lineup/Description of Style

Line Up:

Florian Emerstorfer
Ralph Wakolbinger
Martin Wiesbauer
Wolfgang Wiesbauer


former members:

Jürgen Hofbauer (until 2010)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2014: Figures (CD, Trauerplatten)
  • 2012: Just Can't Get Enough (Coverversion, Cover Records)
  • 2011: New Musketeers (CD, Trost Records)
  • 2009: Hospital Years (CD/LP, Sand Records)
  • 2009: We Shall Overcome/Hi-ho Country Boy (Split-7"-Single mit Gustav, Sand Records)
  • 2004: Perfect Teen (CD, Trost Records)
  • 2004: We Can't Turn Down The Love Songs (7", Niesom)
  • 2003: The Aesthetics Of The Seventies (CD, Niesom)
  • 2001: Masterpieces Of Human Sounds (CD, Trost Records)
  • 2000: Sorrow Beat (CD, Trost Records)
  • 1999: Rectangles And Triangels as Signs for Love and Pain (CD, Höllering)



  • 2009: nomination for the FM4-Award