Fabian Rucker
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Instrument: saxophone

Rucker Fabian

General Information

Year of Birth:  1985
Place of Birth:  Salzburg
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participation in numerous master-classes about Jazz, New Music and Classical Indian Music



founding and ever since member of "Namby Pamby Boy" (together with Phil Nykrin and Andi Lettner)

founding and ever since member of the trio "PREVITE/GAMBLE/RUCKER" (together with Bobby Previte and Mike Gamble)

participation in numerous projects, a.o. in Bobby Previte's project "Terminal"

internationally renowned musicians and producer with performances in the USA, Europe and Asia

cooperation with renowned musicians and ensembles such as Charlie Hunter, Thomas Gansch, Lylit, Mike Gamble, Paul Gulda, Michael Mantler, Greg Osby, Nels Cline, Jim Black, Mühlbacher USW, Christian Muthspiel, Mathias Rüegg, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mathieu Michel, Gerald Preinfalk, Wolfgang Puschnig, Harry Sokal, David Helbock, Alegre Correa, SK Invitational, Sunny Murray, Janus Ensemble Wien, Nouvelle Cuisine, Gerd Hermann Ortler Orchestra, Silke SILK Grabinger, Flip Philipp/Ed Partyka Dectet, Beni Schmid, Frank Schwinn, David Murray, Brittany Bosco, Erik Rico, Lia Pale, Peter Herbert, Philipp Nykrin, Andreas Lettner, Stephan Kondert, TEXTA, Blumentopf, Flip, Mono und Nikitaman, Russkaja etc.

founding of the own studio "Ziegelwerk" (together with Andreas Lettner)

Discography, Projects


  • 2015: Your House is Toast (with the trio PREVITE/GAMBLE/RUCKER)
  • 2014: Greatest Hits vol. 2 (with Namby Pamby Boy)
  • 2011: Lunchbreak (with Namby Pamby Boy)

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