Brunnlechner Robert

General Information

Year of Birth:  1970
Place of Birth:  St. Pölten
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 

Born in St. Pölten. Bassoon-studies at the Vienna Conservatory with Michael Verba, along with studies of music and theater sciences and of Romance. Master classes with Richard Galler and Klaus Thunemann. Since 1995 head of a bassoon class at the Music School of St. Pölten. Extensive work as a composer of works for large symphony orchestra, brass orchestra and chamber music. As a chamber musician international concerts with the NÖ-Bläsersolisten, the bassoon quartet "FagottIt!" and the Ensemble of the XXth Century. Since 1996 commitment as First bassoonist in the Municipal Orchestra of Baden. Lately, working with artists of the entertainment music scene, such as Christian Kolonovits and Wolfgang Ambros. In 2012 First Prize and Audience Award at the "Zeitklang"-competition for his wind band composition "Bekenntnisse einer Burenwurst". Since 2008, also literary activities: Under the pseudonym "Viktor Vierthaler" three satirical novels about the depths of experiencing music got published.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1989 - 1997

applied music

1990 - 1996


1990 - 1996

theatre studies

1990 - 1996

Romance studies


international master class in Millstatt (Bläserkammermusik)


international master class (Klaus Thunemann)



since then: bassoon teacher


since then: First bassoon player


since then: member of the Niederösterreichischen Bläsersolisten

substitute player

substitute player

substitute player in the Niederösterreichischen Tonkünstlerorchester

substitute player

substitute player for the Symphony Orchestra of Carinthia

international concert-activity, among others with the NÖ-Bläsersolisten, with the bassoon quartet "FagottIt!" and with the Ensemble of the XXth Century



cooperation with artists from the entertainment music scene, e.g. with Christian Kolonovits and Wolfgang Ambros etc.


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Exceptional Prize of the Jury at the "Ostarrichi"-composition-competition


Zeitklang-Competition: First Prize for "Bekenntnisse einer Burenwurst"

Description of Style

Style? - Intuitively, from traditional harmony to cacophony.
"A composer is someone, who writes music that he himself would like to listen to" - a modification of a quote by Gottfried Benn.


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