Thomas Platzgummer
Instrument: violoncello

Platzgummer Thomas

General Information

Place of Birth:  Dornbirn
Region of Birth: 
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PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

lessons with Annick Gautier-Escher

chamber music lessons with members of the Mosaique-, Hagen- and Rosamunde-Quartet

baroque cello lessons in Historical Performance Practice

further baroque cello lessons in Historical Performance Practice with Christoph Coin, Hidemi Suzuki and Lorenz Duftschmid

master classes with Philip Muller, Walter Despalj, Heinrich Schiff



foundation (together with director Wolfgang Atzenhofer), ever since musical director and conductor of the "Murauer Operettenfestspiele"

2002 - 2011

teacher at the music school in Bruck an der Mur


founder, ever since musical director and conductor


ever since guest conductor with the "Joseph Haydn-Orchestra"


ever since conductor of the Symphony Orchestra


ever since musical director of the festival "Bachkantaten in Vorarlberg" (founded together with soprano Miriam Feuersinger)

guest conductor at festivals such as Montafoner Sommer, Donaufestwochen, Feldkirch Festival etc.

guest conductor of orchestras such as the Budapest Chamber Orchestra, the Haydn Orchestra, the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Graz

conductor at Hermann Nitsch's Orgien-Mysterien-Theater in Prinzendorf

participation as a musician

participation as a musician at the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra

member of the Ensemble Zeitfluss für Neue Musik, Salonfähige Saitenspringer, Barockorchester Concerto Stella Matutina, Musicke's Pleasure Garden as well as of the Linus Ensemble Graz

director of the salon orchestra "MS Bruck"


lecturer and juror at various orchestras, festivals and competitions

intensive study of contemporary music, early music as well s of opera and operetta

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