About Movement
Composer: Drab Gobi
Year of Origin: 2012

About Movement

Instrumentation Details

recorder (1), piano (1), violoncello (1)

With a performance by Julia Danzinger


  1. about movement
  2. expugno 2.0
  3. hörbares duo
  4. klaviertastatur solo
  5. what the hell…

Additional Information

Improvisation with Manon Bancsich and Rosi Rehformen.



Location:  Porgy & Bess
Date:  19. December 2013
Performer:  Drab Gobi

Description of Style

"What to do with your bodies, while making music? What does music with our bodies? How performative are musicians? What kind of music is played by performers? What happens, when there is no music left to hear?
Four improvising musicians try to answer these questions and more.“