Oliver Kraft
Instrument: flute

Kraft Oliver


# Titlesort icon Year of Origin Instrumentation Category
1 "3 Erich Fried-Vertonungen"
2 "hinter den Worten I"
3 "im ruhenden Taumel" & "im rastlosen Taumel"
4 "Stock-Opus Minus 1 - 5"
5 "Under Water - eine Musik-Tanzperformance"
6 Aktion T4
7 Duo
8 Eis 2003
9 Es igne
10 Flächenklang
11 Flautjazzimo
12 Gegenschritt
13 Grenzwanderung 1-17
14 hinter geschlossenem Lid
15 In den finsteren Zeiten
16 Jan Skácel-Chorzyklus
17 Kafka Fragmente
18 Kindheit ist das - a setting of a poem by Jan Skácel
19 Lichtspiele
20 Lump
21 Oh
22 Petertrio - in three movements
23 Quadruplum - four pieces for a flute quartet
24 Raumklang
25 Recht
26 Schlussfolgerung
27 Sommertraum - based on poems by Vit Obrtel
28 Song Of Myself - a setting of poems
29 Switch On
30 Syntheses - an imaginary abstract-concrete music theatre

General Information

Year of Birth:  1967
Date of Birth:  31. August 1967
Place of Birth:  Nenzing
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1983 - 1987

music secondary school

1987 - 1992

music education, instrumental music and instrumental education: degree with honours

1987 - 1994

applied music transverse flute


completion of doctoral studies, conferral of Phd (with honours)



flutist at concerts


teacher at the "Privatgymnasium St. Ursula"

1997 - 2000

editor und research adviser of the recordcompany "col legno"



Performances (Selection)



PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

merit scholarship


Award of Appreciation for outstanding artistic achievement


Second Prize at the "klanggesetz" composition-competition, Vienna

Description of Style

With each piece of work, I try again to comprise a me currently fascinating examination into sound. In regard to vocal works this is usually the text, in instrumental works it may be the acoustic range, for which the piece might be developed, or the instrument and its possibilities, the combination of musical styles I am currently interested in, the combination of electronics and live-music, the possibilities of musicians for whom I write and much more.

Oliver Kraft, March 2010

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Website:  www.oliverkraft.at