Alp Bora
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Instrument: guitar

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Bora Alp

General Information

Year of Birth:  1976
Place of Birth:  Istanbul
Country of Birth: 
Year of Death:  2017
Date of Death:  10. March 2017
Place of Death:  Vienna


Born in European Istanbul, raised in Ankara and Bagdad, the musician Alp Bora finally found his home in Vienna. Why Vienna? "Because there is no where else in Europe that you can find such a dense collection of sophisticated oriental and occidental culture as you can here". A Turk who, rather than finding Vienna to be fascinatingly foreign, finds it fascinatingly familiar.


Bora drew on the music of Anatolia for his creations. Anatolia, in turkish "Anadolu", a word whose literal translation means "motherland", a meaning that underscores the role the region has played for countless cultures. "It is not just Turks who live and have lived in Turkey. That’s why I don’t sing Turkish songs, I sing Anatolian songs". His seductive oriental soul voice frees people from their current space and time, transporting them to an world of heroes, myths, and legends.


Alp Bora offered a generous view into the folk songs children in Anatolia hear sung by their mothers and grandmothers. Songs sung as they did housework, or after dinner, or as lullabies. Songs people still enjoy hearing today, with their stories of thieves and heroes, suffering, and miracles and of course, desire and eternal love. Alp Bora [on his CD "Amber"]: "Amber ist also the Turkish word for 'amber'. A noble natural stone that keeps a piece of the past enclosed for all eternity".


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Performances (Selection)


Popfest, performance at the Wien Museum

Discography, Projects


  • 2012: Bâb (with the Alp Bora Quartet; Lotus Records)
  • 2011: Agora (Nim Sofyan; Galileo MC)
  • 2007: Amber (Extraplatte)
  • 2006: Divane (Extraplatte)
  • 2004: Dümtek (Extraplatte)