Siggi Haider
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Instrument: accordion

Haider Siggi

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Year of Birth:  1957
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Apart from the first lessons from his father at the age of four and a few tips from Ferry Strassl, Siggi Haider is mainly self-taught on the accordion. Whether solo or together with Hannes Sprenger in the formation "AkkoSax", he has become one of the most sought after and internationally successful (theater) musician in the southern German-speaking countries.


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Ausbildung am Institut für Musik- und Tanzpädagogik



ever since teacher 

1993 - 2011

AkkoSax: collaboration with Hannes Sprenger (emphasis on music, literature, theater, radio plays and film music)

composer of various theater and radio plays for ORF, Tiroler Landestheater, Tiroler Volksschauspiele Telfs, Augenspieltheater Hall u.v.a

collaboration with Werner Pirchner, Bert Breit, Haimo Wisser, Gunter Schneider, Bertl Mütter, Roland Heinz

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