Willi Landl
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Instrument: vocals

Photographer: Chris Saupper / maupi ©

Landl Willi

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Willi Landl's music is settled somewhere between art song and pop song in German language, is not afraid of emotional closeness and is yet never pathetic, is humorous, but never comedic, sometimes profound and yet never heavy. The composer and singer independently and disrespectfully approaches the genre mix with a no-frills narrative voice and relishes in it, while being accompanied by a fabulous acoustic trio. Challenging and entertaining.



guest musician on the album "Souvenir" by the band "Memplex"

member of the band "Willi Landl"

Discography, Projects

Discography (with "Willi Landl"):

  • 2011: Rabatt-Anarchie-Pailletten, JazzWerkstatt Wien (Lotus Records)
  • 2008: Dein Haar Ist Eine Wohnung (Extraplatte)

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