Salecich Daniel


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Wish You Were Here 2012 ~ 5m
2 All or Nothing 2012 8m
3 One is Not Enough 2012 6m
4 You are the One 2012 5m
5 Matmata 2011 5m
6 Morning Sun 2011 5m
7 Schlag 2011 10m
8 m:no45227 2010 10m
9 Elegy (for Peter) 2009 4m
10 dance s[peak] 2008 9m 30s
11 re.saturate.d 2008 15m
12 Creatures of Ezekiel 2007 25m
13 Wireless 2006 11m
14 Get into it 2005 3m 18s
15 Taken-demomix (NO2) 2005 5m 25s
16 Descent 2005 18m
17 Generator «urban speed time-out» 2005 15m 30s
18 101010001012 (1012) 2005 ~ 11m
19 ein ... atmen 2004 13m 30s
20 Supernova 2004 5m
21 The Preludio Before it Was 2004 5m
22 String Tango - a.k.a. "Drink Bottle Tango" 2003 4m
23 Ordynov 2003 6m 34s
24 Capriccio 2003 17m 30s
25 Isle of the Dead 2003 9m 30s
26 Improvisations 2001 10m
27 Concerto Grosso 2000 18m
28 Variations 2000 8m
29 Jazz Imitations 1999 5m 30s
30 Elegy (for William) 1999 9m
31 M.I.A. - Missing in action ~ 8m
32 Call Me Unknown ~ 7m

General Information

Year of Birth:  1979
Country of Birth: 


Daniel Salecich is a composer of experimental, avantgarde, jazz and crossover music. He is a violinist and freelance performer based in Vienna, Austria, involved in classical, jazz and pop/rock projects. Salecich has performed and composed works for live concerts and festivals such as Wien Modern, the Viennese International Accordion Festival and the Melbourne International Chamber Music Festival. He has arranged and orchestrated many works for ensembles and is an enthusiastic teacher of violin and composition.


He has worked with various music ensembles and groups in Australia, USA, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. These include performances with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne International Chamber Music Festival, Grazer Hörfest, ForumFESTIVAL Graz, Ensemble Linea, Komponistenforum Mittersill, III Festival Internacional de Música Carmelo Bernaola, Ensemble Integrales, Champ Libres, Inteatro Festival, Silo String Quartet, Trio Lacroix|Moser|Sterev, Wien Modern, Theater Scala Wien, Ensemble LUX and Ensemble Wiener Collage.


Salecich's interests are broad, from producing contemporary and experimental acoustic music to electronic music mixed with acoustic sounds, and even the odd pop tune. As a performer and composer he has been involved in classical, contemporary, and crossover-projects.




PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

lessons with Spiros Rantos


awarded Bachelor of Music in composition


conferment of Dr.phil. in composition (Philip Bracanin)

postgraduate studies in composition

postgraduate studies in composition


2000 - 2001

concertmaster under John Curro (conductor)

arranger of works mostly for strings, piano or for voice and strings (e.g. different styles of music, ranging from polkas, waltzes and folk music to pop and jazz)

teacher for violin, composition and music theory

member of Greengage, John Dellroy and Band, MidasDivas

soloist and chamber-musician at numerous international festivals, such as the Vienna Modern Festival and the International Akkordion Festival Vienna etc.

numerous tours thorugh China, Japan, Korea and Europe

Performances (Selection)



Theater Scala Vienna


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

University Medal for outstanding achievement

Doctoral Scholarship

Graduate Research School Travel Award

Dedicatee of (Composition)

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