Martin Klein
Instrument: piano, vocals

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Klein Martin

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Listening to Martin Klein alone - just the one man and one piano - is an extraordinary experience, a thrilling sense of participation on the innermost thoughts of a creative musician. The singer-songwriter and piano player has progressed from being an insider-tip to a small institution, since he has been playing solo shows in Vienna just with an old keyboard and his powerful voice. Endlessly inventive, no two plays of him ever seem quite the same. From broken rhythms to beautiful piano chords he has carved out a sophisticated niche of his very own. Martin Klein has a natural gift to tell a story through his music and his spectrum of vocal ability amazes. He doesn’t really seem to care about artistic pigeonholes and expectations. While his 2008 debut “Songs for My Piano” was recorded by a trio and featured songs in English, he surprised us with his second album “Lass uns bleiben”, which he recorded on his own and in German. He remains unpredictable on his third record: “Tracks from My Keyboard” is dedicated to more experimental Synthesizer sounds. In 2013 the New York based music channel Nycrophone wrote about Martin Klein`s songs: "His music is just beautiful and inspiring and we decided to feature a few of his tracks to show our music lovers out there that the German language can sound poetic and soft. If you love the piano and captivating melodies, definitely familiarize yourself with his music!"


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studies at the Music Conservatory in the Netherlands (Bert van der Brink)



guest musician for Clara Luzia, Oliver Welter, Wolfgang Ambros, and others

compositions for film soundtracks: "Das Kind in der Schachtel" (Geyerhalter Film, directed by: Gloria Dürnberger), "Dedicated To Life" (Terra Mater/ Servus TV / Illuminati Filmproduction), "Traces" (experimental film by Rudolf Müller), "Unter der Oberfläche" (Slice of Life, directed by: Dennis Iwan), "Lost And Found" (Illuminati Filmproduction)

compositions for theater: "Welcome back Fräulein Else" (Berliner Ensemble, directed by: Marie Steiner/Jutta Ferbers, starring Maresa Hörbiger), Summer Theater in Weitra ("Mirandolina", directed by: Marius Schiener)

Performances (Selection)


further performances at Horns Erben Leipzig, Veränderbar Dresden, Rationaltheater München, Fest zur Festspieleröffnung Salzburg, Storm Club London, TschirgArt, Jazzfestival, Chansonfest Berlin, New Orleans Jazz Festival Innsbruck, Gartenbau Kino Wien, Wuk Port Festival

Discography, Projects


  • 2013: tracks for my keyboards (teabreak records)
  • 2011: lass uns bleiben (traumton records)
  • 2008: songs for my piano (lindo records)