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Ritzmann de Oliveira Mello Laura

General Information

Year of Birth:  1972
Country of Birth: 


Laura Mello's oeuvre comprises instrumental, electro-acustic and intermedia compositions, performances and sound-installations ranging between experimental, electro-acustic and also pop-music.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1995 - 2000

studies of composition, conducting and piano at the University of Music and Arts in Curitiba

1996 - 1999

studies at the University of Music and Arts in Curitiba (Aldo Villani)

1997 - 1999

studies of composition, music-theatre (Chico Mello) at the Festival de Música de Curitiba


studies of electronic music - master-class with Roger Reynolds at Porto Alegre

1999 - 2001

post-graduate studies of Aesthetics of Music of the 20th century at the University of Music and Arts in Curitibaan (Carmen Célia Fregonese, Octávio Camargo)

1999 - 2002

studies (Emerson de Biaggi)


lessons in singing with Amelia Cuni

2003 - 2005

post-graduate courses in Electroacustic Composition

2003 - 2005

studies of composition


start of the PhD - audio-communication (Stefan Weinzierl, Helga de la Motte)

2007 - 2008

seminar composition/intermedia (Wolfgang Heiniger)

2007 - 2008

seminar compositon/music-theatre (Daniel Ott)

2013 - 2014

training in singing with Rainer Killius


2006 - 2007

founding of "KosmetiKRadio"

2008 - 2009

co-organisation and technical direction of the festival "HörenSehen2.0" at the Berlinische Gallery with Klangnetz


ever since director (with Eunice Martins) of the school-projects "SonONOlux" sponsored by the project-fonds "Kulturelle Bildung"

active as performer/interpreter, e.g. with Pieces II (2013) at the Cinema Arsenal (Berlin), Barnes Dance (2010) at Sophiensaela (Berlin), Live Currency (2010) at HAU (Berlin) - staged by Pierre Bal-Blanc, Die Straßenbahn ist der Tiger (2010) at Berlin, When Will We Be Together (2009) at the festival hall Kreuzberg (Berlin), Grand Prix D'Amour, Invitation (2008; dance-installation with Anima Dance) at Dock11 (Berlin)

curator and co-organisation of the concert-series Donauwellen

organisation and artistic management of the work-shop "Intermediales Komponieren mit Hilfe von EyesWeb und VVVV" at Staalplaat during the festival HörenSehen2.0

co-organisation and production of the exchange-concert-series (Germany/Austria) "Elak GALA Berlin" (LaborSonor, Raum18)

organisation and management of the workshop "Übersetzung und Schauspiel" at the studio-stage Ritterstrasse


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Theodor Körner Award by the Chamber of Labour for the piece "On the phone"


audience-award for the installation "City Sutartines" - 5 Senses of Vilnius - European Capital of Culture

Discography, Projects


as interpreting artist:

  • 2012: Velharmonisches Orchester live (CD VELAK recording of Ö1 Zeit-Ton Extended)
    2010: Água - Chico Mello feat. Helinho Brandão - Vinyl m=minimal
    1984: Água - Chico Mello feat. Helinho Brandão - Vinyl Polygram do Brasil



  • 2006: Weisses Album -  Hommage an Dieter Kaufmann (Vinyl University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna)
  • 2003: Freischaffend (Extraplatte)

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