A l'ombre des ames disparues
Opus Number: op. 99/1
Composer: Ager Klaus
Year of Origin: 2013
Duration: ~ 9m

A l'ombre des ames disparues

Instrumentation Details

trumpet (1), piano (1)


Type of Publication:  Manuscript

Additional Information

L’ombre des âmes disparues was written thanks to a project of the famous italian trumpet player Maestro Ivano Ascari and is dedicated to him. The work starts with a musical quotation out of the beginning of G. Mahlers third Symphony and this is indeed intended programmatically: Gustav Mahlers 3rd Symphony is certainly one of the most advanced works of its time, both formally with its gigantic length and in regards of tonality where it goes evidently in new directions. The quotated
motiv in the trumpet is in fact goes to the leading note which is evidently a dissonance which is resolved vera late and descreet. In my piece I go the step further and do not resolve this dissonance. This quotation is repeated 21 times and more and more hidden in the complex texture.


So in fact it is sort of a old passacaglia, a form which was used by the Viennese school of the beginning 20th century very often (Webern: passacaglia op. 1, Schönberg: Pierrot lunaire) So by combining these thins I try to build a bridge to the terrible things that happened in the first twenty years of this century, since you can find in some of the works of these composers parts that seem almost prophetical y  forsee the horror of 1st world war, like in Weberns orchestra pieces op. 6, which are quoted at the end of L’ombre des âmes disparues.


Klaus Ager