String Quartet No.1 "Mirrors"
Opus Number: op. 5
Year of Origin: 1995
Year of Adaption: 2004
Duration: 12m
Difficulty Level: 5

String Quartet No.1 "Mirrors"

Instrumentation Details

violin (2), viola (1), violoncello (1)


Type of Publication:  Self Publishing


Location:  Graz
Year:  2004
Date:  12. December 2004
Band/Ensemble:  Alea Ensemble

Description of Style

The first and third Movements were written after a big illness with the principles of composing after a row in mind. A critic wrote after the premiere Performance, that the sound of these Movements is "brittle". He is right. The second Movement was composed as a connecting link nine years later after my dedication to the work of Steve Reich, what comes through quite clearly. An honest piece in need of much concentration. By the Performers and the Public. (Johann Teibenbacher)