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Akchoté Noël

General Information

Date of Birth:  7. December 1968
Place of Birth:  Paris
Country of Birth: 


Noël Akchoté counts amongst the most important contemporary jazz guitarists. The Austrian based French guitarist doesn't play the guitar, he uses it.
Akchoté has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old. He originally played jazz, performing together with artists like Henri Texier, Marc Ribot, Jacques Thollot, Jean Méreu, Phil Minton, Max Nagl, Jean-Marc Foussat or Steven Bernstein (Big Four Live, 2005). His current style can be roughly described as avant-garde and free improvisation.



foundation of the independent-vinyl-label "Rectangle", together with Quentin Rollet


ever since exclusive contract with Believe Digital (Worldwide Downloads) and ever since publication of more than 100 rare tracks and previously unpublished albums (Carlo Gesualdo, Guillaume de Machaut, Claudio Monteverdi, Luys Milan, Robert de Visée)

participation in various film-projects, a.o. as actor, composer of soundtracks or musical director (with Thierry Jousse, Michael Lonsdale, Claire Denis, Lio ...)

production of a series of "audio-films" for the German label "Winter & Winter"

cooperation with artists such as Tal Farlow, Barney Wilen, Chet Baker, Philip Catherine, John Abercrombie, David Grubbs, Luc Ferrari, David Sylvian, Jim G. Thirlwell (Steroïd Maximus), Max Nagl's Big Four (Steven Bernstein, Bradley Jones, Joey Baron), Jean-François Pauvros or Dylan Carlson's Earth etc.

Discography, Projects

Discography (selection):

  • 2007: So Lucky (Winter & Winter)
  • 2004: Sonny II (Winter & Winter)
  • 2004: Adult Guitar (Blue Chopsticks)
  • 2004: Impro-Micro-Acoustique - with Roland Auzet and Luc Ferrari (Blue Chopsticks)
  • 2002: Perpetual Joseph (Rectangle)
  • 2001: Simple Joseph (Rectangle)
  • 2000: Alike Joseph (Rectangle)
  • 2000: Rien (Winter & Winter)
  • 1999: J'En Doute Encore (Stupeur & Trompette)
  • 1998: Lust Corner - with Eugene Chadbourne and Marc Ribot (Winter & Winter)
  • 1993: Soundpage(s) (Deux Z)