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Instrument: piano, organ

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Garifzyanova Elvira


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Kyklades-Figurine I - for ensemble 2017
2 Almost brocken music box I - for ensemble 2016 ~ 11m
3 Crossover lines - short piano-concert 2016
4 Act without words III - for ensemble 2015
5 Akt ohne Worte - for flute, lupophon, bassclarinet, harp, piano, violin and violoncello 2015
6 With out II - for ensemble 2015
7 With out 2015 12m 49s
8 Parle-Parle pas - for ensemble 2015 7m
9 Parle-Parle pas II - for ensemble with live-electronics 2015 9m
10 Japanese Garden - musique électroacoustique 2015 16m
11 Arcane II - for Paetzold-recorders, flute-ensemble and live-elektronics controlled by sensors 2014 7m 32s
12 Énigmes - for male vocal ensemble 2014 11m
13 Arcane I - for double bass, Paetzold-recorder and live-electronics 2013 12m
14 Aurora borealis - for flute and electronics 2012 6m 40s
15 Im Zeichen des ... - cantate for 4 soloists, mixed choir and baroque orchestra 2012 21m
16 Indigo - for 13 musicians 2012 7m 30s
17 Lichtflecken III - for 4 Paetzold recorders with amplification and orchestra 2011 13m
18 LUMEN - éclat hivernal - for three multi percussionists, dancers and orchestra 2011 - 2014 17m 05s
19 Screen - musique électroacoustique 2010 11m
20 Le chant de la lumiére - for one percussionist 2008 20m 08s
21 Lichtflecken (Patches of Light) 2007 11m
22 Lichtflecken II - for violin, viola, violoncello and piano 2007 - 2008 8m 38s
23 Tuileries ("Bilder einer Ausstellung") - instrumentation of Modest Mussorgsky's piano-piece for orchestra 2007 5m
24 Phoenix 2006 8m 54s
25 Suchet mein Angesicht - für gemischten Chor, Solo-Quartett und Instrumente 2006 - 2007 7m 32s
26 Zeremoniell aus Sucession - miniatur for symphony orchestra 2006 - 2007
27 Hört ihr mich, ich bin Johanna! - five scenes of Johanna d'Arc's life for soprano and piano 2005 25m 18s
28 Zahlenspiel 2005 - 2006
29 Sechs Freskos 2004 - 2005 17m 04s
30 In Infinitum - trio for piano, violoncello and clarinet in B 2003 12m 50s
31 Wahrlich... (Verily...) - for organ solo 2002 - 2006 12m 36s
32 Work for a string orchestra and piano - in three parts 2000 - 2001 27m 53s

General Information

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Kulturkontakt Austria and the Federal Chancellory have created a large scale Artists-in-Residence programm that has been providing scholarships to foreign cultural workers since 2009. From January to March 2015, the Russian-Swiss composer ELVIRA GARIFZYANOVA was a guest in Vienna.


Elvira Garifzyanova was born into a Russian family of musicians and graduated from the Kazan State Conservatory (piano with Irina Dubinina, composition with Alexander Rudenko). Further studies have taken her to the Frankfurt Musikhochschule (Gerhard Müller-Hornbach), the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich (Isabel Mundry, Gerald Bennett), the Haute École de Musique Geneva (Michael Jarrell, Luis Naón, Éric Daubresse) and the IRCAM in Paris. In 2013 she attended master classes with Georges Aperghis, Chaya Czernowin, Georg Friedrich Haas and Beat Furrer as part of the Impuls Academy in Graz. She has received numerous scholarships and awards for her work as a pianist, composer and in the electro-acoustic field.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

School of Music for Gifted Children at the State Conservatory (Prof. Irina Dubinina)

composition, School of Music for Gifted Children at the State Conservatory (Prof. Alexander Rudenko)

composition (Gerhard Müller-Hornbach)


electronic music composition (Gerald Bennett)

composition; Haute École de Musique

electronic music composition, Haute École de Musique (Luis Naon und Eric Daubresse )


2011 - 2012

course for electronic music


master class by Georges Apergis, Chaya Chernowin, Georg Friedrich Haas und Beat Furrer

master class by Brian Ferneyhough, Hanz Zender, André Richard (Aufführungspraxis - electronic music), Ivan Fedele, Mauro Lanza, Denis Smalley, Philippe Leroux



teacher aural training and piano, Department of Music at the State University of Pedagogics at Kazan

teacher music theory, composition and improvisation at "Zakhar Bron School of Music"

organist at St. Katharina church

collaborated a.o. with the section "Contemporary Dance" of the "Conservatoire national supérieur musique et danse Lyon" under the direction of Anne Martin (France); the South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart (Germany) under the direction of Manfred Trojahn; the "Berner Symphonieorchestra" (Switzerland); "Musikkollegium Winterthur" (Switzerland) under the direction of Arthur Fagen; with musicians of the "Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich" (Switzerland); the ensemble "Les Cornets Noirs", Basel (Switzerland); with Hilliard-Ensemble (UK); vocal-ensemble "Homme Armé" (Italy); with Antonio Politano (Paetzold-recorders); ensemble "Prime" (Switzerland) under the direction of Antonio Politano; ensemble "Vortex" (Switzerland); "Meitar" ensemble (Tel-Aviv, Israel); ensemble "SurPlus" (Freiburg, Germany); "Reconsil" ensemble (Vienna, Austria); "Ensemble für Neue Musik" Zürich (Switzerland); ensemble "DissonArt" (Greece); "Switch~" ensemble (USA); ensemble "Oerknal!" (the Netherlands); with Carin Levine (flute), Peter Veale (oboe), Pascall Gallois (bassoon) at the 1st "Aeolian Academy Jeunesses Musicales" in Germany; with Mircea Ardeleanu (percussion); Carola Schlüter (soprano from ensemble "Phorminx"); John-Noel Attard (piano); with the "Zürcher Kantorei zu Predigern", "Berner Kantorei" and the "kleine kantorei" under the direction of Johannes Guenther etc.

Performances (Selection)


20th International New Music Festival "Sound Ways"

"Antifonia-40 Festival" in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

"Next generation 4.0 Kommunikation Festival" in ZKM Kubus

the Archipel Festival

"Inaudita Early Music Tuscan Festival" Pisa (Italy)

CEME Festival


Saarbrücker Days for electroacoustic and visual Music - eviMus

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich

Frankfurter Gesellschaft für Neue Musik in Frankfurt am Main

Hilliard Ensemble (GB) and "Zürcher Kantorei zu Predigern", "Berner Kantorei" and "kleine kantorei"

Mircea Ardeleanu (Schlagzeug)

Berner Symphony-Orchestra

Ensemble Vortex


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation



winner of the composition-competition


Peter Fuld Foundation scholarship (Germany)


scholarship for research in relation to her thesis: Mozart Stiftung (Frankfurt am Main) and Paul Sacher Stiftung (Basel)


winner of the composition-competition of the  Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich


First prize at the "Concurso Internacional de Compositión para Órgano, Catedral del Buen Pastor de Donostia - San Sebastian" (Spain)




scholarship for a stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris


Paul Sacher scholarship


Artist in Residence at Künstlerhaus Salzwedel (Germany)


scholarship of the experimental studio-academy "Matrix 13" at Freiburg (Germany) for master-classes with with Helmut Lachenmann, Marc Andre, Philippe Manoury, Alwynne Pritchard, Johannes Maria Staud, Detlef Heusinger


Artist in Residence at Visby International Centre for Composers at Gotland (Sweden)


scholarship Eötvos-Foundation: for opera workshop headed by Peter Eötvos and Luca Francesconi in Budapest (Hungary)


Artist in Residence; Schleswig-Holsteinischen Künstlerhaus at Eckernförde (Germany)


honorable mention at the international composers' competition "Musica Nova" at Prague (Czech Republic)


one of the winners of the 7th International Composers Seminar 2015


winner of the international composer competition "Protonwerk" of the Ensemble Proton Bern (Switzerland)


EMAS-Award, guest lecturer for the workshop "electronic music - beyond the borders" ("Elektronische Musik – über die Grenzen")


scholarship, "Experimentalstudio Freiburg" and Matrix 15-Academy (Germany)


Artist in Residence at Vienna (Kultur Kontakt Austria und Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur)


"Composers'_Next_Generation_residence of composition 2015" with Ensemble "Vortex" (Switzerland)


work scholarship


Giga-Hertz-Production's Prize for electronic music (in the category "sensors") from the SWR Experimental Studio Freiburg and ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany)


Artist in Residence


Artist in Residence from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Nebraska (USA)


Artist in Residence


prize of the composers competition from the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb


Award - Iannis Xenakis memorial fellowship from the Delian Academy for New Music (Greece)

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Language:  Russian, English, German, French