Sympathikus - Parasympathikus
Composer: Riegler Daniel
Year of Origin: 2014
Duration: 1h 10m
Difficulty Level: 5

Sympathikus - Parasympathikus

Instrumentation Details


Year:  2014
Date:  21. March 2014

Description of Style

Calculation and playfulness, construction and surprise: these are the poles between which the music of the "JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble" (= "JWNE") oscillates. Although a structural framework is behind the ensemble's new program, the compositional paths of Daniel Riegler's "Sympathetic Parasympathicus" take unexpected improvisational twists through the spontaneous ingenuity of the six musicians. "Sympathicus - parasympathetic" alludes to the antagonists of our central nervous system and therefore consists of two very different parts. The first part, which focuses on the sympathetic, leads the listener to the limits of their perception with complex musical material. Accordingly relaxed is the second section of the composition, aimed at the parasympathetic, which opens up a great deal of space for improvisation, but nevertheless develops a relationship to the first part of the piece: to establish a balance between the different. (Reinhard Kager)