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Leitner Raphael

General Information

Versatile, musically convenient and groovy: these three attributes describe the Viennese bassist Raphael Leitner. Above all, the fact that he’s musically convenient plays a major role in his occupation as a musician: Raphael Leitner always plays exactly what the specific musical style requires – either as a double bass player in a Rockabilly-Trio, in a Jazz combo, or as an electric bassist in a Hard-Rock or Top 40 Cover Band. Perfect timing and groove are self-evident for him.

Through his versatility, Raphael Leitner impresses musicians from many different genres. “Playing with him is always a pleasure because I know that I can totally rely on him”, explains guitarist Anton Korenjak. “Raphael Leitner has a first-class sense for music. He doesn’t play what he could – he plays what the song requires. He’s a sensitive and reliable sideman – for all styles of music.”

Who works together with Raphael Leitner – no matter if in a studio or live on stage – gets the proper base and groove for their project through his sensitivity and bass sound. Due to many years of experience, he plays with unshakable precision and a highly reliable sense of style. This is also a result of Raphael Leitner’s education at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien and the Kärntner Landeskonservatorium (Bachelor of Arts Jazz-Bass and Master of Arts Education with excellent results).

Sabine Miesgang (SLAM Alternative Music Magazine)


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
2001 - 2004
2003 - 2006

by Stefano Sisti

2006 - 2008

Jazz-Bass (Prof. Uli Langthaler)

2009 - 2015

Jazz-Bass Bachelor study (Prof. Harald Putz)


Bachelor of Arts Jazz-Bass; degree with distinction

2015 - 2017

Master of Arts Education „elementary music education pedagogy“


Master of Arts Education; degree with distinction



concerts in Austria and abroad (various others germany, italy, slovenia, hungary, irland, turkey, brazil) with jazz and popular music ensembles, bands

numerous tv and radio performances (ORF, RTS Salzburg, ReiGro TV Deutschland, FolxTV)


workshops: Music schools in Vienna, GRG Gottschalkgasse, NMS Pottendorf, Volkshochschule Favoriten

private lessons double bass and e-bass

Discography, Projects


  • 2011: Recrepo - "Mission One"