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Year of Foundation:  1948

The Madrigalchor Klagenfurt  is a group of people who share the joy of music, an interest in artistically demanding choral works, an openness for the new and unusual, and that is held together by the shared values of openness and tolerance. 


The choir was formed in 1948 by Günther Mittergradnegger. Between 1974 and 1998 Nikolaus Fheodoroff was musical director followed by Klaus Kuchling in 1998. Diversity has been a continuous theme from the beginning. The choir’s repertoire from Gregorian to contemporary music, from madrigal to grand choir/orchestral pieces, from local folk music to jazz.



But each of the three directors have also set their own accents. While Günther Mittergradnegger emphasised the performance of folk songs, madrigals, motets, and works for choir and orchestra, Nikolaus Fheodoroff preferred the interpretation of contemporary works but also provided new impulse for the performance of known and so well known grand works of choral literature. Klaus Kuchling continued this tradition considerably expanding the boundaries of the choir’s repertoire through things like the premiere of John Surman’s “Proverbs and Songs”, carnival concerts, the performance of an evensong, or even spoken word pieces. The choir has most recently added a particular focus to working together and for young people.



In the last couple of years the choir has begun to perform large pieces for orchestra and choir together with school choirs from BRG Viktring and the BG Tanzenberg. These pieces were specially prepared for the performances with students in cooperation with Karin Kraßnitzer.


In over six decades the choir has performed together at many concerts in Austria as well as abroad. It has been awarded many national and international prizes and can look back on many cooperations with other choirs, directors, and musicians. Singing in the Madrigalchor means becoming part of a colourful and diverse musical community. It is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups that harmonises well together. In this choir, the members don’t just sing, they also laugh together.




Doris Hattenberger, Homepage of the choir (March 2017)

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