NewTon Ensemble

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1996


The NewTonEnsemble is devoted to the performance of contemporary music with special interest on electroacoustic music.


The cooperation of the ensemble members with the composer Germán Toro-Pérez, Johannes Kretz and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong reflects the idea of a solo and chamber music performance culture that consciously integrates electroacoustic sounds.
Comprehensive concert and interdisciplinary projects - e.g. collaboration with visual artists, video artists, musical theater, readings - belong to the central activities of the NewTonEnsemble.
Through the use of laptops, mixers and turntables, the composers have more and more become performers and form the core of the ensemble. Improvisation, composition and sound design merge into a continuum of dealing with colors, textures and gestures.


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Contact Person:  Toro-Pérez Germán