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General Information

Something funny, critical, and sentimental in the dialect of the Lech valley - that is the motto of the Tyrolean duet BLUATSCHINK (the name is derived from a mythical creature living in the Lech valley). The duet's pop songs are written in the vein of the great American and English singers and song writers (e.g., Simon & Garfunkel) and strongly influenced by equally great Austrian song writers (e.g., Wolfgang Ambros, Georg Danzer). The success of Peter Kaufmann and Toni Knittel proves that the tradition of Austrian song writing and singing is still an important part of the domestic pop culture. In 1990 BLUATSCHINK had its first performances and recordings, which soon turned them into a Tyrolean phenomenon. With their third CD "Funka fliaga" (Sparks are flying, 1995) they managed to transcend the boundaries of Tyrol. BLUATSCHINK tells stories that move, that make people think, that reflect human emotions. The performances of the duet (with band or alone) are real events and one of the secrets of their success.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
Open-Air Musiker

Toni Knittel (Gitarren und Gesang)
Paul Pfurtscheller (Keyboard, Tontechnik,Tournee-Management)
Andreas Kappeller (Bass, E-Gitarre, Akustikgitarre, Bum-Tschack)
Thomas Simmerl (Schlagzeug)
Margit Knittel (Gesang)
Ronny Lechleitner (E-Gitarren)
Bernie Penzias (Akustische Gitarren, E-Gitarren, Keyboards)
Spike Streefkerk (Tontechniker)
Stefan Maas (Open-Air Musiker)
Peter Pansky (Bass-Gitarre)
Erwin Bader (Keyboards)