Chorvereinigung "Jung-Wien"
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Chorvereinigung "Jung-Wien"

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1946


The Choral Society "Jung-Wien" was founded in 1946 by Prof. Leo Lehner and has been an integral constituent point in the Viennese and Austrian musical life. Ever since, the choir can look back on more than 64 tours throughout Europe (a.o. two times being the first officially invited Western ensemble in Belarus), USA, Canada, Israel and Asia and is one of the most prestigious choirs in Austria.


The wide-ranging repertoire of the choir spans from pre-Baroque madrigals about the choral music of the classical and romantic to modern, as well as spirituals and gospels, and has undergone an expansion to film music, pop songs and modern Wienerlied in recent years. But the core repertoire still consistst of the Viennese music from the Strauss dynasty to Ziehrer, Kàlmàn, Lehàr and Stolz.
Additionally, "Young Vienna" has also repeatedly been on stage with young, emerging artists (a.o. Alexandra Reinprecht, Daniela Fally, Rainer Trost) and participates on a regular basis in operas (e.g. La Traviata) and musicals (e.g. Les Misérables).


Line-up: mixed choir of approximately 50 singers

Lineup/Description of Style

All styles ranging from old madrigals to modern songs, gospel, spiritual, Austrian folk music and Viennese music etc.

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