General Information

Year of Foundation:  1997


Formed by Werner Dafeldecker and Christof Kurzmann, the first CD of this ensemble with varying instrumentation and sometimes complemented with guest musicians like Jim O'Rourke, Ernesto Molinari, Uli Fussenegger, Eugene Chadbourne, Sainkho Namtchylak, or Burkhard Stangl has received great international press reviews. Using the work in the studio as a central creative element, quasi an autonomous musical instrument, the artists achieve a surprising homogeneousness of digital and analog technics, of electronic and acoustic music. In numerous work processes, a complex alternating between analog and digital input, and final processing (digital and analog), conventionally improvised instrumental parts, samples, triphop beats, and delicate vocals are joined to form a breathing, organic composition.


In his liner notes for their first CD "Stenimals", Alfred Pranzl states that Shabotinski apply a "promising concept", "On the one hand, it is an aesthetic revalutation of post-rock, on the other hand, digital computer sounds merge with jazzy and other avant gardist elements in an almost elegant manner. The chemistry is right."

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
e-bass, e-guitar
voice, electronics
electronics, e-piano
clarinet, bass-clarinet

further members:

  • Rainhard Buchta - sound

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 1999: (B)ypass (K)ill (Charhizma, Plag dich nicht)
  • 1997: Stenimals (Plag dich nicht)

Contact, Links

Contact Person:  Dafeldecker Werner