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Year of Foundation:  1994

Since its „official“ debut at the Salzburg Mozart Week(January 1994), the Altenberg Trio Wien has earned thereputation of one of the most daring and consistent ensembles in this category: in addition to a large number of works from directly related fields (piano quartets & quintets, duos, triple concertos, vocal chamber music) ist repertory includes almost 300 piano trios, among them many pieces which the Altenberg Trio suggested and first performed itself.


In 2012 the Altenberg Trio underwent a major Change when founding pianist Claus-Christian Schuster and cellist Alexander Gebert left the ensemble. Soon after, Christopher Hinterhuber and Christoph Stradner joined with Amiram Ganz, and the Altenberg Trio has continued very successfully with ist performances. Each one of the three Players has an impressive individual reputation in solo and chamber music circles and remains faithful to the style and tradition of the “Viennese sound,” often admired and referred to in reviews.


The ensemble has been enthusiastically received on concert tours in the United States, Canada and Europe, including Denmark, France, Switzerland, Holland, Poland (Beethoven Festival Warsaw), the Czech Republic (Prague Spring Festival) and Italy, as well as their native Austria. The ensemble is Trio-in-Residence of Vienna ́s Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, the renowned Musikverein, where it gives an annual series of concerts.


The Trio’s regular activities also include the artistic directorship of the music festival in Schloss Weinzierl, an important place in the history of music as the Young Haydn composed there his first string quartets. The 2014 festival will take place for the 6th time, uniting once more international musician friends in an exciting program highlighting Haydn and French composers.


At the conferral of the Robert Schumann Award of the City of Zwickau in 1999, the Altenberg Trio succeeded in continuing the “Austrian” tradition of this award (winner 1997: Nikolaus Harnoncourt, winner 2002: Alfred Brendel); The reason for this success was the recording of all Schumann piano trios which had just been released. The Altenberg Trio ́s subsequent recording (Ives/Copland/Bernstein) in April 2000 won the Edison Award in Amsterdam and the recording with the piano trios of the Polish composers Artur Malawski and Krzystof Meyer (2008) was awarded the “Pasticcio Prize” by Ö1, the Austrian classical radio station.


In April 2007 at the Wiener Musikverein the Ensemble performed Friedrich Cerha’s piano trio (2005), which he had dedicated to them, for the first time and proceeded to do likewise in Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Ireland, and Switzerland.


In 2009 the Altenberg Trio accepted an invitation to Gidon Kremer ́s Chamber Music Festival in Lockenhaus for the first time, and in February 2010 it performed for the first time in the Washington’s Library of Congress during its annual concert tour in the USA.


In 2012, already within its new formation, the Trio played highly acclaimed performances at the Bregenz festival and the Enescu festival in Bucarest. A recording of André Tschaikowskys „Trio notturno" will be released in 2014 by the Toccata Classics label.


Amiram Ganz plays a violin by Goffredo Cappa (Saluzzo 1686) and Christoph Stradner a cello by Antonio Stradivari, 1680.


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• 1995 Franz Schubert - Trio op.100 (D 929) / Adagio ("Nocturne") op.148 (D 897) (Vanguard: Live recording from the Mozarteum Salzburg)

• 1995 Mauricio Kagel - Trio (1984/85) / Ernst Widmer - The Last Flower (1968) (Vanguard)

• 1996 Paul Juon - Trio op.17 / Trio-Caprice nach "Gösta Berling" op.39, / Trio op.60 (Vanguard)

• 1996 Paul Juon - Litaniae op.70 / Legende op.83 / Suite op.89 (Vanguard)

• 1997 Robert Schumann - Trios d-moll op.63, F-Dur op.80 (Vanguard: Robert-Schumann-Prize of the City of Zwickau 1999)

• 1997 Robert Schumann - Trio op.110 / Schumann-Kirchner - Skizzen op.56 (Vanguard: Robert-Schumann-Prize of the City of Zwickau 1999)

• 1997 M. Ravel - Trio en la / G. Fauré - Trio op.120 / F. Martin - Trio sur des mélodies irlandaises (Vanguard)

• 1998 Charles Ives - Trio / Aaron Copland - Vitebsk / Leonard Bernstein - Trio op.2 (Vanguard: Edison Award, Amsterdam 2000)

• 1998 W. A. Mozart - Trio KV 564 / L. v. Beethoven - Trio op.1 Nr.1 / J. Haydn - Trio Hob.XV:29 (Vanguard)

• 2000 Johannes Brahms - Trio H-Dur op.8 (Fassung 1854) / Trio C-Dur op.87 (Vanguard)

• 2000 Johannes Brahms - Trio c-moll op.101 / Trio H-Dur op.8 /Fassung 1889 (Vanguard)

• 2002 Hans Pfitzner - Trio F-Dur op.8 / Arnold Schönberg-E. Steuermann - Verklärte Nacht op.4 (Challenge)

• 2004 Felix Mendelssohn - Trio d-moll op.49 / Trio c-moll op.66 (Challenge)

• 2004 Camille Saint-Saëns - Trio F-Dur op.18 / Trio e-moll op.92 (Challenge)

• 2008 Artur Malawski - Trio cis-moll (1953) / Krzysztof Meyer - Trio op. 50 (1980)

• Stimmen der Freiheit - Mitteleuropäische Beispiele 1989-2009

• Otmar Mácha - Finis coronat opus (2002) / Friedrich Cerha - Trio (2005)

• 2009 Miklós Kocsár - Trio Sonata (1994) / Mikołaj Górecki - Six bagatelles (1997)

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Contact Person:  Schuster Claus-Christian