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Zeebee is an Austrian singer, composer, songwriter and producer.
Acutally, Zeebee never did Triphop, as some newspapers like to say. Rather, she always sat between the chairs of jazz, pop and avant-garde. She still is in this situation today, but more harmoniously and successfully than ever before.

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Stylistically, she combines jazz, pop music, electronic, acoustic and classical music with her own style of music and singing.

Discography, Performances, Projects



  • 2010: Be My Sailor (Dope Noir)
  • 2007: Klaus Waldeck: Ballroom Stories (Gesang und Autorin; Dope Noir)
  • 2006: Priorities (Angelika Köhlermann/Monkey Music)
  • 2004: Chemistry (Angelika Köhlermann)
  • 1987: D-Sire Moving Back And Forward (Off Course)



  • 2010: In Peace We Live (EP; Dope Noir)
  • 2008: In Peace We Live für Ärzte ohne Grenzen (EP; Dope Noir)
  • 2005: Cartoonboom Video (EP; Angelika Köhlermann)
  • 2003: Tender (EP; zeebeemusic)



  • 2004: nominated for the Amadeus with "Chemistry"
  • 2007: nominated for the Amadeus with "Ballroom Stories"
  • 2010: nominated for the Amadeus with "Be My Sailor"

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