Creatives::Centrum::Wien (ehemals: Projekt Uraufführungen)
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Creatives::Centrum::Wien (ehemals: Projekt Uraufführungen)

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Year of Foundation:  1978

Founded in 1978 under the name "Projekt Uraufführungen” and based in Hietzing in Vienna, the Creatives::Centrum::Wien is now an integral part of international music life. Particularly significant has been their following new paths in the presentation of music. The development of specific concert forms has led to a new audience interest in contemporary music. To maintain this interest they have paid attention to creating events that value conceptual contrast. The programs are designed around the theme of New Music and include all of the important musical style directions of our times. Traditional, culinary and high quality avant-garde from the 50-90’s can be experienced at the concerts as well as events featuring live electronic, literature or dance. Appreciation of the classic romantic epochs is an integral and natural factor.


The emphasis of our activities lay in the presentation of new chamber music from solo compositions to large ensemble pieces. Orchestra and organ concerts have played an increasingly important role in the last couple of years. We are open to all contemporary styles.


Since 1978, over the course of 620 concerts, over 2000 pieces from 400 contemporary composers have been performed. Around 500 of them were premiers.

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Contact Person:  Kreuz Maximilian