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ein_klang records

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1998


General Managers: Wolfgang Seierl and Hannes Raffaseder.


ein_klang records, founded in 1998, is dedicated both to the documentation of the Komponist­Innenforum Mittersill and to the publication of experimental music by Austrian musicians in the most various non-mainstream genres (vocal, instrumental, electronic, composition, improvisation). Of particular concern is the depiction of the broad diversity that exists in the contemporary music world, as well as paying special attention to women as composers and performers.



  • 2005: for born to be off road: Pasticcio Award/orf
  • 2008: Janna Polyzoides, piano, works by Thomas Heinisch and Christian Ofenbauer, nomination for the German Record Critics’ Award

Discography, Performances, Projects

Discographie (selection):

  • "Los Autodisparadores", Katharina Klement, piano; Angélica Castelló, flutes; Thomas Grill elektronics, CD (ekr 029)
  • Manon-Liu Winter, Klavier, works by Galina Ustwolskaja and Earle Brown, CD (ekr 020)
  • "born to be off road", Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm, clarinetts, CD (ekr 015/016)

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Contact Person:  Seierl Wolfgang, Raffaseder Hannes