Institute for Austrian Music Documentation (IÖM)


Institute for Austrian Music Documentation (IÖM)

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1972

The Institute for Austrian music Documentation (IÖM) was founded as an association by Gotfried von Einem, Dr. Heinrich Reif-Gintl and the director of the music collection of the Austrian national library, Dr. Franz Grasberger in 1972. The IÖM was meant to help transform the music collection of the national library into an interface between music research and performance, audience and composers. The organisation also wanted to actively contribute to music research through the publication of academic research and the organisation of symposiums.


Today the institute plays a significant role in the organisational work for the Austrian National Committee of the International Association of Music Libraries. Now, as then, the institute concentrates its activities in two areas: as publisher of academic publications and as producer of concert series and exhibitions.


The IÖM shares employees with the Austrian National Library (ÖNB) and also functions as its extended arm. The IÖM maintains no direct holdings or inventory. Manuscripts or estates left to the association by composers or their families are all added directly to the collection of the ÖNB. The IÖM has also aided in the recovery of valuable Austrian cultural artefacts from abroad.

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