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"open music", founded in the early 1990s as a concert-series in Graz, stands for "procurement of today's music", contemporary music in the sense of relevant contemporary music-art/-culture. It works beyond a strict separation into serious and entertainment music, composed and improvised music, classical modernism, new music and (post) avant-garde, high, sub and popular culture, beyond aesthetic preferences.


Cooperation partners of "open music" to date are: Diagonale, FORUM STADTPARK, Grazer Spielstätten, IEM CUBE, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, KUG, KUG - Zentrum für Genderforschung, KUG - Institut 1, Mariahilf-Kultur, musikprotokoll, MUWA/Museum der Wahrnehmung, Postgarage, Stadtmuseum Graz, steirischer herbst, StockwerkJazz, Vipers in the Palais Thienfeld.

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Contact Person:  Pinter Ute
Website:  Homepage Open Music