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Founded in 1368, the Austrian National Library (ÖNB) is the publicly accessible central academic library of Austria. 


One of the primary functions of the library is collecting and archiving all works published in Austria (including digital media). It also collects the works of Austrian authors that are published abroad as well as works dealing with Austrian academic or cultural creations. Further responsibilities include the indexing and sharing the collection through lending, as well as research services information and reproduction services. They fulfil their educational mandate through cooperations with universities, schools and adult education centres.


The National Library also has a large music collection. A collection that grew organically through the centuries out of the K.K. Court library and special collections. In it can be found countless scores and first editions of the works of famous composers like Anton Bruckner or Richard Strauss. It is the largest music archive in Austria and also a modern academic library. The collection consists of music manuscripts, prints, opera texts, vocal works, as well as sound recordings, musicological literature and the estates of important Austrian composers.

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