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Year of Foundation:  1950
Year of Breakup:  2010

Philips Records is a record label that was founded by the Dutch electronics company Philips. 

In 1946 Philips acquired the company which pressed records for British Decca's Dutch outlet in Amsterdam. The record label was started by "Philips Phonographische Industrie" (PPI) in June 1950 when it began issuing classical recordings. Recordings were also made with popular artists of various nationalities and with classical artists from Germany, France and the Netherlands. In addition to jazz and classical music, Philips also became a major player in the world of rock and pop music in the late 1950s till late 1970s. By 1980, Phonogram and Polydor Records decided to merge to become PolyGram Records. Under the new company, PolyGram decided to discontinue Philips as a pop and rock label in the UK and throughout much of Europe, though it was still frequently issued records in France and South East Asia by Chinese and Hong Kong pop artists. Philips became part of PolyGram Classics as a classical music label along with Decca Records and Deutsche Grammophon.


Philips Records has been part of Universal Music since 1998, the name continuing to be licensed from the label's former parent company. In 1999, Philips Classics was absorbed into the Decca Music Group, many Philips' classical titles have been reissued on the Decca label. Since 2010, Decca Music Group no longer uses the Philips brand as classical music label.

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Contact Organisation:  Universal Music Group