Posthof - Zeitkultur am Hafen
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Posthof - Zeitkultur am Hafen

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Originally formed as a branch office of the Linz Postmeisterei (as of 1750) the historical areal in the Linz port district was re-adapted in 1984 and 1990 and is now one of the largest, most vital event locations of contemporary culture in Austria. The concept of a multidisciplinary cultural center for music, dance, theatre, cabaret and literature has been a success. 


The programm offering covers the entire spectrum of current contemporary culture and ranges from concerts (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Techno, HipHop …), cabaret, and theatre to contemporary dance and literature. In order to properly present individual areas they create concentrated event series with special themes like "Heimspiel" (February), "TanzTage" (March), "Black Humour Festival" (May), "Linzer Kleinkunstfestival" (November) und "Österreichische Theatersport-Meisterschaften" (December). During the event season between September and June they offer around 220 events that are visited by around 70,000 people.


Next to the presentation of internationally known artists and well known Austrians, they also support the local scene. Bands from Linz are regularly provided the opportunity to be opening acts in front of a larger audience. Once a year, as part of the “Heimspiel” series, local artists become the focus of the entire program for a month and the contemporary dance scene has the opportunity for further development in the form of workshops with well known choreographers.

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