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Personal label for contemporary classical music of the Austro-American composer Nancy Van de Wate.

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2. Sonata for Piano
A Night in the Royal Ontario Museum - Theatermusik
A Peacock southeast Flew - Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra
A Quiet Piece - for Alto Saxophone
A Quiet Piece - for english horn
Adagio and Rondo for Violin and String Orchestra
Adagio for Orchestra
All Quiet On The Western Front - version in english
All Quiet on the Western Front - version in german
An American Essay
An American Essay
Brass Quintet No. 1
Brass Quintet No. 2 - Variations on "The Streets of Laredo"
Cantata for Women's Voices
Choral Suite from "Nemo"
Cocaine Lil - Theatermusik
Concertino for Harp and Orchestra
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
Concerto No. 1 for Violin and Orchestra
Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra
Concertpiece for Cello and Piano
Concertpiece for Cello and Small Orchestra
Dark Nebulae
Der Herrscher und das Mädchen - Kinderoper in einem Akt
Distant Worlds
Diversion for Brass
Divertimento for Harp and String Quintet
Elegy for Clarinet and Piano
Elegy for Oboe and Piano
Fantasy for Harpsichord
Fantasy Pieces for Piano
Four Fantasy Pieces for Flute and Piano
Four Somber Songs - for mezzo soprano and orchestra
Gema Jawa (Echoes of Java)
How Fares the Night?
Im Westen nichts Neues - Oper in vier Akten
In the Shadow of the Glen - Oper in einem Akt
Incidental Piece for Three Saxes
Invention Nr. 1
Journeys - Kurzfassung
Krakow Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
Lament for Bali
Lento for Piano
Letter to a Friend's Loneliness
Listening to the Night
Music for MW2
Music for Student String Quartet
Music for Viola, Percussion and Piano
Music in Five, Three and Seven - for Saxophone Quartet
Nemo: Beyond Vulkania
Nemo: Jenseits von Vulkania - Oper in vier Akten
Night Journey
Nine Preludes for Piano
Prelude for Organ
Prelude for Organ - Elegy for Departed Friends
Psalm 121
Pura Besakih - Besakih Temple, Bali
Quintet 1975
Sarabande for Flute and Piano
Satellite Music
Seven Fantasy Pieces for Violin and Piano
Sextet for Harp and Strings
Short Suite for Brass Quartet
Six Duos for Viola and Violoncello
Six Etudes - for Solo Violoncello
Six Etudes for Solo Viola
Six Etudes for Solo Violin
Sonata for Harpsichord
Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Sonata for Solo Clarinet and Piano
Sonata for Viola and Piano
Songs for the Four Parts of the Night
String Quartet No. 1
String Quartet No. 2a
Suite for alto saxophone
Suite for Solo Viola
Suite from "Nemo"
Suite für Marimba
Suite für Streichorchester nach Mechthild von Magdeburg
The Death of the Hired Man - Oper
The Earth is so Lovely
The Pond
Three Sound Pieces for Brass and Percussion
To the East and to the West
Trio for Bassoon, Percussion and Piano
Trio for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano
Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano
Trio for Viola, Horn and Piano
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano
Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano
Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes - Vol. I
Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes - Vol. II
Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes - Vol. III
Two Bagatelles for Four Horns
Two Bagatelles for Four Trumpets
Two for Two
Variations for Chamber Orchestra
Venal Vera: Ode to a Gezira Lovely
Viola Concerto
Voices of Women
Western Front
Where the Cross Is Made - Oper in einem Akt
Wind Chimes
Youthful Age

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