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hr - Hessischer Rundfunk

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Year of Foundation:  1948


The Hessische Rundfunk (hr) is the public broadcaster for the federal state of Hessen based in Frankfurt am Main. The hr is a member of Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations in the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD). 


Hessische Rundfunk finances and supports two orchestras:

  • hr-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony): founded in 1929 by Radio Frankfurt (predecessor of hr) it is an internationally known orchestra with 112 musicians that performs the entire spectrum from symphonic to contemporary music. It also creates innovative concert formats and experimental projects. It is based in the federal state of Hessen but frequently performs at international festivals and on global tours.
  • hr-Bigband (Frankfurt Radio Big Band): was originally founded as the "Tanzorchester von Radio Frankfurt” in 1946. Since the 1970’s it has developed into a jazz big band with a concert focus. In roughly 50 concerts per year it covers a broad stylistic spectrum inside of jazz and even crosses borders into classic, pop, foreign musical cultures and electronic.

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