Peter J. Tonger Musikverlag
also known as: Edition Tonger
Registered as:

Peter J. Tonger Musikverlag

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1822

Founded in 1822 in Cologne, the publisher is one of the oldest specialist publishers in the Rhineland and currently in the fifth generation of family ownership. In 2007 the Peter J. Tonger Musikverlag became a partner of the  edition 49 Bühnen- und Musikverlags in Karlsruhe, which took over the entire catalog and distribution. 


From the very beginning, choral (church and secular) instrumental and folk music were the focus points of the Peter J. Tonger Musikverlags. They were particularly focused on pieces for choral societies and mens choirs. They also provided regional and carnival songs from Cologne and the Rhineland as well as educational works.

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